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Vandermeer's View: Fan Mailbag

It's that time again…

Your questions at and on Twitter (@Texansvoice) give you a shot at a Texans/Royal Purple Prize pack. And you'll get my best answer (most of the time).

Let's go…


You talked about how Mike Tirico said on MNF that Bill O'Brien told him Ryan Mallett would play at some point. When would that be?*

Chase, Spring

I have a feeling Fitzpatrick could throw for five touchdowns and this question will still come up. Chase, 'some point' is vague and I'm guessing coach wants to keep it that way. A few weeks ago I wrote that as long as they're winning, Fitz would play. But the three game losing streak is certainly not entirely due to issues in the passing game.

I believe that as long as they are in contention for a spot or at least a winning record, Fitzpatrick is the guy. He does move the team and his mobility helps when things break down.

If they determine in the back half to the season that they are a long shot or all the way out of it, then it's probably time to have a look at the other guys. We still don't really know what the long term plan is at QB.

*Voice,  *

Three losses in a row? Please tell me we're not going to have a repeat of last season!

Dani, Houston

We're not going to have a repeat of last season.  Is that better?

Really, I look at this year differently. This team was not projected to go on a Super Bowl run. Once they hit three and four losses in a row last year you could sense things were spiraling out of control. Once they lost Kubiak, it was basically over.

This season's team had different expectations attached to it. And I can see that these losses have not affected the mood here. Not that they find losing acceptable. But they know how competitive they've been and that they have all the tools to turn things around. 

They have a chance to be .500 at the halfway point and, while that's not great, it keeps you in the chase.

The fact that they gave up 24 point runs to the opponent in each of the last two weeks yet were still in the game is bizarre yet encouraging. Once they cut down on the mistakes (soon, please) this team can go on a run.

Marc, are the Titans our biggest rivals? Why not the Colts?

Sam, Pasadena

I feel like we go through this every time there is a division game. Considering the Texans have only beaten the Colts four times, I can't call them a rival. But they are the Texans' nemesis. See, there's a difference.  And the Jags were an early rival because of all the former Jaguars on the Texans (Seth Payne, Gary Walker, etc) and the fact that Houston got its first ever road win at Jacksonville.

But the Titans are the former Oilers and it starts and ends there. In the mix you have Vince Young, Andre Johnson vs. Courtland Finnegan, Mario Williams in a dust up near the Houston bench in '09, and the Texans recent relative success over Tennessee (7-5 in the last six seasons).

Chase wins the prize pack.

Let's ROCK! Go Texans!

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