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Vandermeer's View: Fan Q and A


It's once again time to take questions and give away a Royal Purple Houston Texans Prize Pack.

Hey Vandy!

I know Fitz is playing pretty good "maintenance" football right now.  However, do you think there's a chance that we see either of our other QBs this season?

* Brent from Richmond*

Hi Brent,

Not as long as they keep winning. Fitzpatrick has made some very nice throws. The one to Graham on

third down was in a spot where only he could get it. As was the throw to Hopkins for the TD in the Oakland game. I know the arm talent displayed by Mallett and Savage is tantalizing. But let's stick with the crafty veteran and see where he takes them.  Certainly there will be a game soon (maybe Sunday) where he has to throw it a bunch.  He has big play capability. He's more than a game manager. His personal highlight reel has plenty of huge plays. It was the turnovers they needed to extinguish and they've done that so far.

After watching 2 regular season games, what has been the biggest pleasant surprise for you about the team and do you think O'Briens system will enable Fitzpatrick to throw less than 5 picks all year?


Five or less would be fantastic. I'll settle for ten or less. The biggest surprise is the very quick turnaround in producing turnovers. I figured the defense would be good. But they're taking the ball away extremely well and if they can keep it up, we've got a good chance of watching local football in January.


What would have to "happen" (injury notwithstanding) for Mallett to get a crack at the #1 QB spot?


Wow. I'm sensing a theme here. Remember this about Fitz; it's not just the passes, it's checking to the correct running plays. Watch how they run the ball. They run it out of the shotgun, the 'I' formation, two tight ends on one side, one on each side. They mix it up and it's up to Fitzpatrick to check to the correct side and spot vulnerability in the defense. We keep hearing that this is a complex system. Well, that's why you have a 10 year vet running the show.

From Twitter… (Follow me @TexansVoice)

How do you see Foster's touches going this year? How has Hopkins progressed?


Arian cannot possibly carry the rock 25 times a game all season. But they've done what they had to do to win so far. Alfred Blue and the others (don't sleep on Ronnie Brown) will certainly figure into the mix. But Arian is one of the best in the business and needs to stay upright for most of the season if they are going to achieve what they want to.

Hopkins started last year with a bang and appears to have made that year one to year two jump NFL brains talk about. This could be one of the best one-two punches at WR in the league with Andre and DeAndre.

Do you think our secondary can continue to be disruptive and force turnovers?


All teams talk about getting take aways. Believe me, it wasn't like they weren't 'trying' to get them last year. They just didn't happen. This staff has placed extra and perhaps a different emphasis on it. To me, the DBs just seem more physical. Especially Johnathan Joseph who is bringing the lumber.  I also think D.J. Swearinger, as a vet now, has an infectious way of doing business in the defensive backfield and other guys are feeding off the energy. I think they'll keep up the intensity. Let's hope the takeaways keep coming with it.

Jared is our winner. Off to NY now. Have a great weekend!

Go Texans!

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