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Vandermeer's View: Fan Questions

What is Bill O'Brien looking for most in the guys that will make up his roster?

*-Maggie Sullivan:

*He's always said he wants tough, smart, physical players and from the way he and Rick Smith have drafted and gone after free agents, that's what they've done so far. Even running back Ronnie Brown, who they signed this week is a good example of a high football IQ player who's durable and a great 'locker room guy.'

Who will throw more TDs Fitz or Schaub?
Will Clowney get a sack in week one?
Will Foster be a 1000 yd rusher thus season?
- Robert Cooper:

OK, how about a tie on the first one? Seriously, Fitzpatrick is probably more likely to start the entire season because the Raiders drafted Carr relatively high and if things don't go great, there'll be much pressure to start the rookie. So I'll say Fitzpatrick.

Why not get a sack? But RG III is mobile and remember it took Mario until week 4 to get one his rookie year.

If Arian is healthy, 1,000 yards is a lock.

Hello Marc,  *
*Do the Houston Texans have the toughness and the mental make up to win the AFC South and possibly get to the AFC Championship? For instance, can we come through in clutch situations such as over coming being down by 17 and having a come back win or on the flip side, keeping a 4th quarter lead and punishing oppenents at the end of games? I think these characteristics are basic genetics of a quality championship team

Mychal Gobert
Proud Texans Fan

Wow, can we get through week one first? O'Brien wants toughness and I think they'll be physical and scrappy. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. I know miracles happen in the NFL every day but this thing needs a little nurturing time.

I would be surprised if they don't have a significant bounce back in year one. How much of a bounce depends on health and quarterback play. If they get those two components going in the right direction, they'll have a great shot at a winning season.

Mychal is our randomly selected winning of the Royal Purple- Texans Prize Pack this week.

Congrats Mychal. Everyone keep sending your questions to

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