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Vandermeer's View: Texans hit reset button at QB

Bill O'Brien and George Godsey have helped Ryan Fitzpatrick operate at the highest quarterback rating and yards-per-attempt numbers of his career. But after a sub 50% completion day against a Philadelphia defense ranked in the bottom third of the league, O'Brien switched QBs.

It's not like the Texans are going with a known commodity. If this was "Let's Make a Deal," O'Brien is going with what's behind 'door number two.' Ryan Mallett has great arm talent and the potential to

make a lot of positive things happen. He now has a shot to realize his dream and lead a Texans offense that needs a jolt.

The plan with Fitzpatrick was to keep the turnovers low, run the football and make enough throws to extend drives and win more often than not. At 4-5, the Texans boast a top five rushing attack but are below the NFL average in 3rd down conversions, points per game and protecting the ball through the air.

This was a gutsy call either way. Stay with Fitzpatrick and bank on improvement after a bye, or…go with Mallett, looking for B-12 shot to the passing game.

QB Ryan Mallet's career in Houston, New England, as well as at Arkansas and Michigan, is captured here in photos.

The Texans have taken some sacks. And Ryan Fitzpatrick's mobility might be missed. After all, he ran for the most yardage for a QB here (143) since David Carr in 2006.

The coaches had to evaluate whether the ball was being thrown early enough, to the right people and on target. This is no shot in the dark decision. A lot of data was ingested before making the call. The thinking is that the ball with come out fast with the strong armed 4th year player.

There is still a chance this season can bear fruit. After Cleveland, the Texans have four out of six games at NRG stadium. They just hit the reset button on their offense and will head to Ohio hoping for a turnaround.

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