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Vandermeer's View: Texans vs. Chargers

We might never forget this one. It did not look like their night, but the Texans seized the moment, blowing by San Diego in the second half for their greatest comeback ever.

The 31-28 win might always be remembered for Brian Cushing's 'pick-6' that tied the game at 28. But it also showcased the chemistry between Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub as the two led the team back from the brink of an 0-1 start.

Schaub shook off his opening interception with a banner 3 TD pass night and Andre Johnson added to his record collection of games with over ten catches and 100 yards (his 18th). The timing that the Schaub-Johnson battery has should not be taken for granted. When Schaub has to have a big play, he almost always goes to Johnson.

Johnson amazingly finds ways to get open despite coaches and players who are paid big money to try to find ways to stop him.

The Good....

Andre - People may regard Megatron as the best. But Andre has been doing it longer and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Schaub - He eventually outplayed his classmate from the 2004 draft.

Owen Daniels - They don't win without him.

DeAndre Hopkins - A very nice debut. He will be a valuable weapon.

Second half defense - JJ Watt took a while to get warmed up but he shined when the chips were down.

Cushing - How could you not be happy for him?

Needs Work...

I hate to spoil the party but in six of the last eight regular season games, the Texans have dealt with double digit deficits. They have won three of those games but it's not something they want to make a habit of. [internal-link-placeholder-0]

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