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Houston Texans

Vandermeer's View: Texans vs. Colts


It was the most bizarre game in the history of the franchise. The Texans built an exhilarating lead behind the arm of Case Keenum and a sensational defensive effort. But Gary Kubiak's trip to the hospital changed the context of entire evening, as the team was held to three second half points and Andrew Luck caught fire.

I threw the network into a quick break at the end of the half, as I always do, hurrying off to get a drink and visit the restroom during my usual five minute break. I was told at the soda fountain that Kubiak went down and I couldn't believe it. A man in such outstanding condition is the last person you'd expect to need this type of medical contention.

I raced back to the booth and we pushed aside the customary half time chatter to talk about whatever we knew regarding the head coach. Before you knew it, it was time to tee it up for quarter three. Good luck.

I can't imagine the players felt the same free-wheeling intensity as in the first half. I know I didn't. But they pressed on and ultimately fell for the sixth straight game.

When the dust cleared, Andrew Luck had staked a claim that the AFC South now belonged to him.

It wasn't supposed to be this way. Kubiak, who believed Case Keenum would give his team a spark, got more than he bargained for.

Snap after snap, Keenum proved that not only Kansas City wasn't a fluke, it was an appetizer for a three touchdown first half performance that was good beyond mere numbers. He made big play after big play. For a veteran quarterback it would have been a great half. For a second time starter, it was a revelation.

Keenum even rallied his team into long field goal range, late, for a chance to tie. But Randy Bullock missed his third kick of the night, a 55 yarder. The Texans slid to 2-6, staring at an Everest-like climb to get back into the post season mix.

But most of the thoughts are with Kubiak who remained under medical supervision Monday and was "alert, coherent and in good spirits" according to General Manager Rick Smith.

How the Texans and their coach are affected, long and short term, by the incident and the latest loss is anyone's guess. It has been the strangest of seasons and it's only half over.

Stay tuned.

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