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Vandermeer's View: Texans vs Jaguars


The 2013 season will forever be remembered for interceptions, penalties and closely contested games with failed execution.

There was another chapter Thursday night as the Texans got off to a slow start, rallied but fell short with really no one but themselves to blame.

Sure the Jaguars made some big plays, But the Texans donated a franchise record amount of penalty yardage and two turnovers to help Jacksonville win its fourth game in five tries.

Matt Schaub came into the game late in the third quarter to bring the team within four after the Texans fell behind by 14 for the second time in the evening. But the interception bug bit him again as Geno Hayes picked him off late in the fourth, squashing Houston's last legitimate shot to snap their losing streak.

Back when the streak was at four, and Case Keenum became the starter, there was a real opportunity to get back into the playoff chase. But as good as Keenum has looked at times, the Texans haven't been able to stop the bleeding. There hasn't been one blowout since, nor any victories.

With Schaub moving the team, it felt a bit like old times. Like prior to this season, or even the comeback efforts against San Diego and Tennessee to open the campaign. He was freewheeling in a hurry up offense and making plays. The pick brought all the bad memories of the first four games of the slide right back.

This one hurts more than most of the losses since the Rams game because it appeared that maybe Houston turned a corner of sorts against New England. Surely going toe to toe with Tom Brady would be enough of a lift to keep the fire burning against the Jags.

Apparently not. Houston did rally after falling behind 14-0 but the Jags held on, getting Maurice Jones Drew's best game of the year and another solid, turnover-free outing from Chad Henne.

The tough times continue and the streak lives. Someday, we'll get back to basking in the glow of victories. But there's much work to do before that happens.

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