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Houston Texans

Vandermeer's View: Texans vs Raiders


The losing streak is at eight, as what was projected to be a possible run to the Super Bowl has spun out of control.

The Matt Schaub-Andre Johnson shouting match at the end of the loss to the Raiders will go down as one of the more powerful images of the campaign. And that's saying a lot. The two players brushed it off afterwards as frustration.

Four weeks ago, Case Keenum got his first start. Sunday, he was lifted in the second half in favor of Matt Schaub, who moved the team inside the 15 yard line three times but didn't get in the end zone. Schaub, said Gary Kubiak, was better suited to handle the up tempo Texans offense that he wanted to run with the team down two scores.

It almost worked. But this has been a season of almosts, what-ifs and should-haves.

The moment of truth came late in the game as the team had a 3rd and one at the two yard line but couldn't get Ben Tate home. A fourth down pass, after a false start, fell incomplete.

The sad thing about the 2013 Texans is, despite their mistakes, they've had every opportunity to get right back in the post season race.. The losing streak started with three out of four games decided in blowout fashion. The last four, however, have been excruciatingly close and could have gone either way. Most NFL games are decided by a handful of plays. And the Texans haven't been making enough of them.

Even with all the miscues, another couple of wins would have had them in the hunt for a wild card berth at this point. But here we are, with a winning season officially off the table, still searching for answers.

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