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VanderMock 1.0: Addressing the defense

Every year I personally project the Texans draft and give my ideas to the front office. I assume they are eager to hear my thoughts but for some reason my calls go straight to voicemail and my emails bounce back. It must be a technical glitch.

In any case, here, for entertainment purposes (but who are we kidding, these guys can bring it!), are my Texans picks…

First Round – Pick traded to Miami as part of the Laremy Tunsil deal

Not having a stellar left tackle on a contender is like riding your bicycle on a freeway - eventually something bad is going to happen. Having Tunsil on the squad (and Kenny Stills, too) has been huge for this team and the win total would likely look a lot different had this deal not been made.

Second Round – Trevon Diggs, CB Alabama

The Texans drafted Eric Reid's younger brother and that worked out great. So drafting Stephon Diggs' brother seems like the right move. Oh, and he's a good corner who's going to make an NFL employer very happy. Good size, speed and a versatile skill set.

Third Round – Terrell Lewis, OLB Alabama

He can rush the passer and set the edge well on run downs. Alabama is like a gigantic AAA affiliate for the entire league. Why not dip into the Tuscaloosa well a couple of times early. Injuries make him drop. But the upside is mountainous with Lewis.

Fourth Round – Bryan Edwards, WR South Carolina

OK, he just broke his foot. But last I checked, it's February and he should be fine. He's got a lot going for him and could easily be a top three round guy. I know he has to learn the system, but he can get the mental reps and be ready to go later. Look, it's the fourth round, stop hyperventilating.

Fourth Round (from Miami) - Stanford Samuels III, CB, FSU

His dad played in the CFL and the last time this happened for the Texans, Christian Covington was here, and his dad was a CFL Hall of Famer. Ok, that's not a reason to draft someone. But again, we're looking at a corner with good height (6-2). He'll need to hit the weight room, but we have one here, and good food too, so we're all set.

Fifth Round – Michael Warren, RB Cincinnati

He's not going to lead SportsCenter, but he'll grind out tough yards with his 5-11, 220-pound frame and find a way to help punch holes in a defense on plays where there isn't much there. As long as the earth stays in this particular orbit, the Texans will want to run the football. This guy is going to be part of a nutritious, well-balanced offense.

Seventh Round – Darrion Daniels, DT, Nebraska

Daniels will eat up blocks and make life better for the linebackers behind them. He's the size of an average vending machine and will be tough to move out of the way. Nebraska doesn't have the brand name it used to but that's not because of Daniels, who will fight, scratch and claw to make an NFL roster.

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