Williams' conference call

* (on when he realized he would be the first pick)* "It was yesterday when they were saying it but all along I always knew I had a chance and they told me I was in the running and it came down to yesterday though."

(on if he expected to go first overall) "Yes I did. I always expected this. I always thought I had a chance and why not me? That's how I felt. I know I'm going to bring productivity to the Texans and help them win games.'"

(on his message to Texans fans) "You win championships with defensive players and that is exactly what is going to happen. I'm going to come in and I'm going to play and I'm going to be productive. I'm going to be an impact player immediately and I'm going to win the fans over regardless."

(on his strengths) "Just coachability and discipline, a work ethic and listening. That is the number one thing I believe you have to have in the NFL, the ability to listen and learn things and take it all from there."

(on what he needs to work on the most) "Basically just refine some of my techniques. I think I'm very raw and in some pass rushing moves. That's what makes it so good because I know the sky is the limit for me because everything I do is natural, just athleticism and ability, so once i get in the hands of the coaches of the Texans, they can help me and its going to be good, everything will be very good."

(on being surprised and when this transpired) "I was never surprised. All along, like I said, I knew I had a chance and I knew it was open. I knew it was open and I knew they were open and I didn't want to come out and be like 'I think I might go number one.' I'm just so excited to be a Texan now. I was never surprised about it."

(on what he knows about the Texans' defense)"It's a 4-3 and basically it's all game now. I can play up and down the line, wherever you want me to play. That's all I need to know, it's a 4-3 and it's what I'm used to. Whatever I have to do, whatever type of responsibility it's going to be done."

*(on if he's worried about being compared to Reggie Bush throughout his career) * "No, I really don't. I'm not worried about anything but playing football for the Texans and helping them produce."

(on who he is compared to)  "Probably Julius Peppers as far as athleticism and size and play-making ability."

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