WR Brandin Cooks shares moving IVF tribute | Daily Brew

On Mother's Day, Brandin Cooks celebrated his wife, Briannon Cooks, with a moving tribute.

After undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF), the couple recently announced they were expecting their first child. The Texans wide receiver saved hundreds of wife's injections, adding "since you didn't trust me to administer the shots, I figured I would save them to show you my appreciation."

The 200-plus IVF needles were displayed in an impressive series of concentric circles. In the middle of it all, was the couples ultrasound picture and baby onesie with the words "Worth every shot." Cooks also included pictures of his wife and the couple's positive pregnancy test.

Cooks thanked his "amazing" wife for her strength and dedication, as well as the doctors for helping them in their IVF journey.

Houston acquired the six-year veteran Cooks via trade with the Los Angeles Rams on April 10.

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