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Houston Texans

Zach Diles conference call

Texans seventh-round draft pick Zach Diles spoke with the Houston media Sunday via conference call. Following are his comments.

(on his initial reaction to being drafted) "I was really surprised. They had tried to call me, but my phone wouldn't pick up. My agent sent me a text message saying the Texans had just drafted me. I was at the house with my friend, and I wasn't even looking at the TV. He said, 'Zach, look up at the TV.' I was surprised and so excited."

(on the second day of the draft) "I've been sitting here all day watching it since eight o'clock in the morning. I've been sitting here watching the rounds go by, and I'm just so thankful right now, so thankful."

(on communication with the Texans) "I really haven't talked to the Texans even when I was there for the Texas Bowl; I really haven't had any conversations with them. I'm just so blessed and fortunate now."

(on what he knows about the Texans) "Not too much, to tell the truth. I really haven't had any conversations with the Texans since this process began, so I really don't know too much about the team. I'm looking forward to getting in there and contributing."

(on playing behind LB DeMeco Ryans) "He's the rookie of the year, so what an opportunity. He was in this position last year coming in as a rookie, so I can come in and sit down with him and be in a good situation with that. I can't be more happy."

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