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Stats Challenge presented by Schlumberger

The Texans Stats Challenge, presented by Schlumberger, is an interactive math program that gives sixth grade students the opportunity to improve their math skills through the game of football. During the 2019-2020 school year, 700 teachers throughout the region took part in the program and, for the first time, the program was made accessible to Parents for At Home Learning. Join the Challenge today!

Huddle Against Hunger presented by Kroger

The Houston Texans are proud to partner with Kroger and the Houston Food Bank to tackle hunger. Huddle Against Hunger presented by Kroger is a free downloadable curriculum designed to create empathy and understanding around hunger in elementary, middle and high school students.

TORO's Math Drills. presented by Conoco Philllips

TORO's Math Drills is an educational video series designed to help 3rd and 4th grade students tackle math through fun football examples. Created in partnership with the United Way of Greater Houston, TORO's Math Drills covers subjects like fractions, multiplication and division, place value, and money.

TORO Takes the Bull Out of Bullying presented by National Oilwell Varco

TORO Takes the BULL Out of Bullying is an educational assembly program that teaches elementary students what to do if they or someone they know are being bullied, using the letters that spell the word BULL: Be Yourself, Use Your Voice, Leave and Look Out for Others! The program includes a 45-minute interactive assembly, Activity Book for each student and other great prizes.

Thanks to NOV, TORO Takes the Bull Out of Bullying is offered to Houston area schools for free. Schools are selected based on the nominations that are received. All programs for the 2023-24 school year have been awarded, but join the waitlist to be alerted if any programs become available and when nominations open for the 2024-25 school year!

Pass the STAAR

Pass the STAAR is an educational assembly program that teaches 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students how to prepare for the STAAR Test, but there's one problem: TORO is afraid of the word "Test" and this time of the school year has him very worried. With the help of TORO's friends at NRG Stadium, TORO learns that tests are nothing to be afraid of when you properly prepare just like the Houston Texans prepare for a football game. During the program, students will learn how to prepare their bodies and mind for the test through proper nutrition, daily exercise, getting 8 hours of sleep each night, listening attentively, developing consistent study habits and practicing their STAAR strategies. The program includes a 45 minute interactive assembly and other great prizes.

Thanks to Texas Children's Hospital, Pass the STAAR is offered to Houston area schools for free. Schools are selected based on the nominations that are received. Click register to nominate your school today!

Flag in Schools | Have the Texans Teach a P.E. Class!

This popular program gives teachers the chance to have the Houston Texans visit their school to teach a P.E. class! Our FLAG-in-Schools program teaches the fundamentals of NFL FLAG to elementary and middle school kids through Texans players, Legends and more. FLAG-in-Schools will return in the fall of 2022, so keep visiting here for more information!

Reliant Scholarships for Champions

Each year, Reliant teams up with the Texans to award scholarships to Houston-area high school student-athletes who have exhibited remarkable leadership on the field, in the classroom and throughout the community. This year, six student-athletes received $10,000 each, totaling $60,000 in scholarships. Since the scholarships program was created in 2005, 114 scholarships have been awarded, totaling more than $600,000.

Grassroots Grants

The NFL Foundation Grassroots Program is a partnership of the National Football League Foundation (NFL Foundation) and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) to provide non-profit, neighborhood-based organizations with financial and technical assistance to improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of local football fields. The NFL Foundation Grassroots Program provides grants of up to $250,000 for capital improvement projects.

African American History

EVERFI's 306 - African-American History curriculum informs and inspires today's students through history's most important stories of African-American women and men who have overcome obstacles through grit, strength, creativity, and intellect. Using important primary texts and compelling vignettes, this digital African American history course introduces students to African-American history in science, academia, music, and the arts, and communicates this history in a way that builds shared values and inspires today's youth to become tomorrow's leaders.

NFL  Character Playbook presented by United Way

The NFL, in partnership with United Way Worldwide, is providing free access to digital learning tools for middle and high school students: Character Playbook: Healthy Relationships & Character Playbook: Mental Wellness Basics. The two programs help teach youth how to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships and to help parents and educators foster mental wellness in high school students.