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The Texans Legends "It's Good" Club is a Texans Luxe referral program.

Field goals in football are an integral part of the game, but they aren't automatic. Just like a field goal, it's not a guarantee that every referral will result in a closed deal; however, we want to give everyone an opportunity to put the game winner through the uprights.

If you refer a prospective suite holder within your sphere of influence and they close the deal, you'll receive a cash bonus and be welcomed into the "It's Good" club.



Talking Points

How much is a Luxe Membership?

I don't have full details on costs and don't want to misquote the investment. I do know it depends on location and several other factors.

What exactly comes with a Luxe Membership?

It's really a 365 day a year membership designed to provide you the best gameday experience possible, only-in Luxe experiences, and some of the best networking/business connections in the Houston area. In addition to the use of your suite for the ten (10 ) home games, there are a number of other experiences like: Boardroom luncheons with a Texans executive, away game trips with the team, VIP meet and greets with Texans players, use of your suite and the Texans facilities on non-event days for meetings, etc.

My company isn’t really looking to entertain.

I completely understand, many are in the same boat. You might see value in at least knowing your options for future consideration. Would your company be interested in meeting the "movers and shakers" in the Houston business community in a natural setting that has fostered proven multi-million dollar business transactions?

We have a suite with other teams in town.

There are many companies that have suites at other sports venues in the Houston area as they all provide different levels of experience. A significant number of our Luxe members prefer only having to worry about managing tickets to 10 games vs. over 100 events at some other venues. Also, members have demonstrated exact ROI due to the networking opportunities provided to them.

Lack of interest from clients/employees.

We have found that companies who bring their clients and employees to their suite on gameday see value in creating memorable experiences at games regardless of the on- field performance. There are a number of gameday benefits, such as pregame field passes, the BMW postgame field experience, and cheerleader visits to name a few. On top of that, the non-gameday benefits/experiences have shown direct ROI for our members.

What are the benefits of Single Game Suites?
  • Personal suite attendant
  • VIP Parking
  • Food, soda and water package
  • Early entry and late exit
How do 3rd party events work?

As a Luxe member you get first right of refusal at discounted rates to events at NRG Stadium (excluding the Houston Rodeo and any Super Bowl held at the Stadium) prior to the event going on sale to the general public. This would include: college football games, international soccer matches, concerts, etc. In the next few years NRG Stadium will be host to: The Final Four, CFP National Championship Game, and The World Cup. As a full season suite Luxe member you are entitled to purchase a suite for all of these events! Are other events excluded?