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A big week ahead for Andre Johnson & Texans | Daily Brew


Happy Super Bowl week.

Think about it: this time a week from now, we'll be finished with NFL games until early August. 

This promises to be a big week for the Texans.

First and foremost, Andre Johnson belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. You knew that. I know that. But the voters haven't known that the last few years. However, we'll find out if he makes it in this year, on Thursday evening during the "NFL Honors" program.

A reminder about Johnson's worthiness can be found by clicking **HERE**.

Also, a guy who knows a thing or two about great football players is DeMeco Ryans. He was once one himself, and he was a teammate of Johnson's. Ryans explained why Johnson belongs in the Hall, **HERE**.

Also later this week in Las Vegas, we'll likely see the news about quarterback C.J. Stroud winning the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award. Over the weekend he lit it up in Orlando at the Pro Bowl games.

Defensive end Will Anderson, Jr. also had a fun time at his first Pro Bowl weekend.

Even though the Texans don't play a game until August, we still have Texans 360 every Saturday night on ABC-13/KTRK. This week's edition began with some fun stuff from wide receiver Nico Collins. He answered a few of my weirdo questions...

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