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Adding to the Offense | Daily Brew

Five players were drafted by the Texans last weekend, the first three on offense – new ingredients to add to the broth. 

Editor's Note: Vandermeer, are you going with a food metaphor already? Why can't you just write a normal article without movie references or restaurant analogies? 

MV Rebuttal: Is this a rhetorical question? 

Anyway, we all know there have been truckloads of moves this offseason and the preseason games are going to carry extra weight just to get to know these guys. 

We've talked a lot about the high number of skill position players (the wide receiver zoom calls likely have to fit on two screens). And there are players up and down the roster to point to who could make an impact. But perhaps the most important non-QB group is the big guys up front. And this could really be an intriguing unit. 

Think about the fact the Texans have one of the best left tackles in the league. They have a former first round pick at right tackle. They have newly added vets ready to help in the interior. There are 13 players on the o-line on the published roster with more on the way. This could get really interesting. 

Yes, the Texans led the NFL in passing yards and made some big plays last season. But they didn't run the ball well enough to grind clock and take more heat off the defense. The improvements on the line combined with the additions of Mark Ingram and Phillip Lindsey, along with David Johnson who ended 2020 on the rise, could make a big difference. Yes, the defense needs more takeaways but that's a topic for another day. 

Now, they need to get together on the field. We still don't know exactly how this offseason program is going to operate but you get the feeling the Texans could really use some get-to-know-you time on the field.  

At least, as opposed to last year, they get the three preseason games to get a good look under the hood. 

Editor's Note: Car Metaphors now!? Unbelievable.

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