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Do you dream of a job in the world of professional sports?

The Houston Texans are currently seeking applications for their Battle Red staff, part-time employees who assist in many different ways, including promotions, events and Gameday entertainment. If you have a passion for the Texans and are looking for valuable experience with a professional sports team, this opportunity perfect for you!

From making lifelong contacts to learning about different aspects of the business side of sports, Battle Red employees have found their experience to be invaluable in their careers. In fact, some have even found their dream jobs within the Texans organization!

Here are what some of our former Battle Red employees had to say about their experience:

"Including my time with Battle Red, I am now entering my fifth season with the Houston Texans, currently working in the Corporate Development department. Battle Red was the perfect introduction to the industry and taught me what it really means to work in sports. I am extremely grateful for how much I learned through the Battle Red program and the friends I made in the process.

"I was fortunate enough to explore various departments such as Events Services, Marketing, Corporate Development, and Public Relations, and got to network with the full time staff in each. This gave me the opportunity to see what aspects of the sports world I liked and didn't like which helped me figure out the career path that I wanted within the industry. A position came open for an Event Coordinator shortly after I graduated from college; dream job right out of the gate? Sign me up!" - Bri, Corporate Development

"The Battle Red program is the reason why I am in the position I am in today. Without the Battle Red program giving me a chance to put my foot in the door, I would not have been able to take advantage such a great opportunity. Working for the Houston Texans is a true blessing. The McNair family has built an incredible organization that not only shows a true appreciation to their employees but have created an inspiring and truly enjoyable work environment.

"Through my time with Battle Red, I was treated as an equal. I was treated as part of the team. This created situations and opportunities to make connections and build relationships with the full-time staffers at the Texans. These relationships have given me multiple opportunities to progress in my career path, and I have landed in a position that I truly love. I always say that the sports industry in all about who you know, and the Battle Red program is essential as your first step in the sports industry." - Christian, Ticketing

"I cannot say enough about the Battle Red program with the Houston Texans. After graduating from college I was eager to place my foot in the door of the National Football League and this was the perfect position to do just that. The Houston Texans have set up – not only a program – but an environment of learning and investing in employees of all levels.

"When I became a Battle Red, I was able to work with various departments like Event Services & Fan Engagement, Corporate Development, Marketing and even Accounting. I was working and learning from the organization's top professionals and gaining the face-time I needed to hopefully advance to the next level of my career with the Houston Texans. Shortly after, I was selected to be the Marketing Promotions intern and after a year, I took on a full-time role in the Marketing Department.

"To say I am grateful for the Battle Red program would be an understatement. I learned so many things and gained an incredible group of friends in the process. I was ready to take on a fullt-ime position with the Houston Texans because of the lessons in dedication, passion, and positivity it taught me. I am hoping to continue to grow within the Houston Texans organization and it was only made possible because of the Battle Red program and the incredible team behind it." - Krista, Marketing

For more information on Battle Red requirements and to apply, click here.

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