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Battle Red Recollection | Daily Brew

This is only the sixth time the Texans have faced the Eagles. The other five didn't go according to plan. In fact, the first meeting was 20 years ago during the inaugural campaign.

The QB match up was Donovan McNabb vs David Carr. Jalen Hurts and Davis Mills were both four years old (gulp).

Carr hit Corey Bradford for an early TD to grab a 7-0 lead before the Eagles got rolling. The game was at Veterans Stadium on the old turf, the stuff that felt like outdoor carpeting over a parking lot.

Battle Red Day always reminds me of the first one. It was a date with the Carolina Panthers in 2003. I still have a giant photo of Aaron Glenn and Eric Brown in the tunnel, ready to be introduced.

Tony Banks got the start against a Panthers team that was 6-1 and a heavy favorite. His go-ahead TD pass to Billy Miller in the fourth quarter was the difference in a 14-10 victory. Andre Johnson caught four passes for 64 yards.

The Texans had a lot of people out but rallied and got the Battle Red tradition off to a great start. That Carolina team would eventually go to the Super Bowl.

A new tradition starts Thursday night with the addition of the red helmets. The Texans will be facing a very tough team in 7-0 Philadelphia. Here's hoping it goes as well as that very first Battle Red day 20 seasons ago. 

The Houston Texans will take on the Philadelphia Eagles for Thursday Night Football. Browse tickets.

The Houston Texans will unveil the Battle Red Helmets in the Week 4 matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, October 1.

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