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Before you get all worked about the title to this piece let me point out that there's no meaning. I'm not implying anything about the state of these two teams right now. I just liked the sound of it and went with it. You know me, I love a catchy headline.

This is the fifth meeting between these squads and the Texans have two wins in the windy city.

And, by the way, does anyone from Chicago really call it that? I lived in State College, Pennsylvania and no one called it Happy Valley. Just the outsiders. I was just wondering.

In December of 2004 the Texans went to Chicago and won 24-5. It was freezing. The stat sheet says 11 degrees but it was minus eight with the wind chill. The booth was no warmer - no heat and my pen kept freezing. Bottled water froze. I did push-ups during the commercials to stay warm.

David Carr threw a TD pass to Corey Bradford and Domanick Davis (Williams) had 95 yards.

In 2012, there was another weather game. The Bears and Texans were both 7-1 and riding high into a Sunday night national showdown. Danieal Manning forced a fumble and had a pick against his former club. Arian Foster had his best receiving TD as a Texan and Houston got out of rainy, cold Soldier Field with a 13-7 win.

Here we go for round three up there. It's a great place that has a ton of history. Texans OC Tim Kelly is a Chicago native and grew up a Bears fan. John Harris and I asked him about the '85 Bears and he reminded us that he hadn't been born yet. I reached for my defibrillator.

Deshaun Watson comes in piping hot, second in the league in passing yards. The defense is playing much better. You could easily argue that the Texans could have three more wins. But this is the NFL where games are close and there are no mulligans.

Here's to a fun game on Sunday. I was told not to jinx things by reminding you the Texans have never lost to the Bears but I don't believe in jinxes. Enjoy the game.

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