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Breakfast: 5 observations from Watt and El Tri


It was the video that shook the world. Ok, I'm kidding, a little bit, but if you HAVEN'T seen our video of J.J. Watt meeting the Mexican National team (it is right above this) after their practice on Sunday night, I'm a little worried about you. The video has been viewed a combined four million (with a M) times in the past 48 hours, and has been picked up by news and sports outlets around the entire world.

It is always interesting to see stars from two different sports collide, and in this instance two different cultures as well. Having seen the video a few times, I noticed a few things that maybe the average eye didn't. So, in the style of the great John Harris, allow me to share five 'observations' from the Mexican National team's meeting with number 99.

  1. The Mexican National team has a SWARMING pass defense. Two seconds into the video, one of the players throws the ball at Watt, and all hell ensues. The entire El Tri ran towards J.J. with a ferocity that Romeo Crennel would appreciate. To quote John Harris, that defense "looked good on the hoof". Man, I've always wanted to write that.
  1. That said, Watt more than held his own under the pressure of the El Tri blitz. Watt made two key cuts (seconds three and five) and then dropped his shoulder to gain some extra yardage. The best part was when one player (I assume it was the goalie) tried to jump into Watt. While the contact barely moved the Texans defensive end, it completely spun the Mexican player around. Be careful out there young man.
  1. Soccer players are smaller than football players. Duh, right? To play most sports professionally, having great size is important. Look at football for instance. How many 5-foot-8 guys do you see having long careers in the National Football League? It happens (Barry Sanders, anyone?), but not often. In the other type of futbol, size, and height in particular, aren't as important. Argentinian forward Lionel Messi, widely recognized as the best soccer player in the world, is only 5-foot-7. This video shows the stark difference. Watt towers over everyone he greets, including Mexican star Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, who you will learn about more in the next observation.
  1. Chicharito really, REALLY is a fan of J.J. Watt. Check out this amazing GIF of the moment he first realized Watt was there.

He even responded to us, stating that well, he's a BIG fan.

  1. Chicharito has some good hands. I know he's pretty awesome at what he does, but just in case it doesn't work out...can you say slot receiver?


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