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Breakfast: A player's perspective of free agency


With the end of the league year just 24 hours away, free agency is in its proverbial calm before the storm. At 3 p.m. CT on Wednesday, all 2017 player contracts expire. The Texans will add new faces to the roster and say goodbye to others.

But what is this week like for the players who are free agents?

Former Texan J.J. Moses played for three different teams during his NFL career and recalls all too clearly what free agency frenzy was like.

"It's just kind of nerve-wracking," Moses said on Texans Radio. "You just don't know what to do. You're just antsy. You're like, 'Oh my goodness. I don't know what team, what city' and, of course, your agent is just constantly calling you. He's constantly keeping you updated. Things are constantly changing so it's one of those things, as a player, you're just like ready to just like get settled in. You're ready to go to that team that really wants you. And again you really want to go to that team that fits your style of play because sometimes it's great to chase the money and get things situated like that, but you also want a team where you can go in and fit in within the nucleus and you feel comfortable playing."

Moses, who played wide receiver and was the Texans return specialist from 2003-04, says free agents definitely keep up with the NFL teams looking for the skill set they have to offer. With only 32 teams in the market, free agents know which teams are potential landing spots.

"That's why you want to do everything that you can during the offseason and during the regular season to prove that you still have enough left in the tank," Moses said. "Many of the guys that are up with the end of free agency, my advice is just to stay focused and continue to work hard and at the end of the day, what's for you will open up for you."

Listen to the rest of Moses' interview here on Episode 5 of The DeepSlant podcast.

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