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Breakfast: A Super Bowl halftime idea


On Thursday afternoon, the NFL announced Super Bowl 50's halftime show. Now, I don't get much chance to see any halftime shows and don't put a ton of stock in the ritual that is the NFL halftime show.

Except the Super Bowl halftime show.

I've come to grips with the fact that the Super Bowl is more than just the 60 minutes of game action. It's become the most popular marriage of sports and entertainment in America. No one misses Super Sunday. There are those that like just the commercials. There are those that live and die for the game, sort of like me, I guess. And, there are those that can't wait for the 30-minute halftime show.

I never realized I cared about the halftime show until Prince took the stage down in Miami for Super Bowl XLI between the Bears and the Colts in 2007. So, when the NFL announced the halftime show act for Super Bowl 50, I was all ears.

And, it'll be…


I'm sure Chris Martin and the boys will put on a good show but for me, I would like to see one act more than any other at Super Bowl halftime. It's a long shot and a half, but I've said if the NFL truly wanted showmanship, energy and the consummate halftime show, it would make one call.

The Southern University Marching Band.

Affectionately known as the Human Jukebox, the Southern band is one of the best bands, collegiate or otherwise, in the country and would captivate with a 30-minute show to beat all 30-minute shows.

Look, it's tough to top Katy Perry on the lion and left shark and the reading rainbow but the Southern band, combined with the Super Bowl game itself, would be absolute nirvana. I'd even settle for the Southern band in combination with another musical act.

That Prince halftime show? The FAMU marching 100 strode right alongside the Purple Rain star.

How about Drake and Southern?

What about Adele and the Human Jukebox? Can't see that one happening? Well, take a listen to the Southern band play Adele's hit "Hello" and wait for the chorus to kick in around 1:18.

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