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Breakfast: Analyzing the Texans 2017 schedule


The 2017 NFL schedule was announced on Thursday night and it remains one of my top 10 nights of the entire year. We already know WHO the Texans are going to play, but the most important aspect of the schedule is WHEN. I've noted a few things that stood out, with a James Harden-like assist from a good buddy and former co-host of mine.

The preseason schedule was announced and it definitely flew well under the radar. I didn't notice it until much later, but the Texans will start the preseason on a WEDNESDAY in Charlotte. That's August 9th in Charlotte, and it's got to be the earliest non-Hall of Fame game preseason contest. Why on a Wednesday? Not completely sure, but my guess is because the PGA Championship, golf's final major tournament, is taking place at Quail Hollow Golf Club in Charlotte Thursday through Sunday.

Sean Pendergast, a host from the Triple Threat on our flagship SportsRadio 610 and my former co-host, texted me last night with the following: The Texans will play the Bengals in 2017 for the fourth year in a row... ON A DIFFERENT DAY EACH TIME. The Texans lost in 2014 on a Sunday, beat the Bengals on a Monday in 2015, won a magnificent game in 2016 on a Saturday and will play Week 2 on a Thursday. I love quirks like that in the schedule. Huge hat tip to Seanie for catching that one!

Other than 2008 when Hurricane Ike wrecked both the city of Houston and its surrounding areas, the Texans have only played three-consecutive home games once in their history. That was in 2012, but they played three home games in four weeks as the bye week separated the Green Bay/Baltimore games and the Buffalo game. The Texans have never had three-consecutive home games in three weeks like they'll have with Tennessee, Kansas City and Cleveland before the bye week.

The Texans project to play five former number one overall picks and one 2017 number one, as long as Cleveland doesn't trade out of the number one spot:
Andrew Luck, Colts
Alex Smith, Chiefs
Eric Fisher, Chiefs (OT)
Jared Goff, LA Rams
Carson Palmer, Cardinals
2017 Cleveland Browns selection.

Overall, the Texans will face 13 starting quarterbacks on the schedule, eight being first-round selections. As noted above, Luck, Smith, Goff, Palmer and...
Blake Bortles, Jaguars
Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers
Joe Flacco, Ravens
Marcus Mariota, Titans

Of the five remaining quarterbacks, two situations are unclear as to the starter at this point: Cleveland and San Francisco. The other three non-first rounders? Andy Dalton, Tom Brady and Russell Wilson. Those three have combined for five Super Bowl rings, nine Super Bowl starts and 18 Pro Bowl appearances.

Check out the top 10 quarterbacks the Texans will face in 2017, ranked by last season's QBR.

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