Breakfast: Arian Foster the wide receiver?


Arian Foster has contemplated a position change.

One day, that is.

I asked the four-time Pro Bowler if he would ever consider a position change to wide receiver when he was done being a running back. Less pounding plus fewer carries might add a few more years to the All-Pro's NFL career.

"It's something I've thought about when I'm done playing running back," Foster said in an exclusive interview with Texans Radio. "I feel like I could go out for receiver and I feel like I could make a squad."

Since he arrived in 2009, Foster has amassed 2,041 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns through the air. Last season, Foster became just one of seven players in the last 20 years to score at least five touchdowns receiving and five touchdowns rushing in the same season.

He'd have a big learning curve mastering a whole new position, or would he?

"Not really because I'm one of the more heady running backs you'll find in the NFL because I'm a third-down back as well," Foster said. "Not everybody in the NFL is a third-down back and you have to know coverages, you have to know this, you have to know that. I'm pretty well aware of those kind of things and my route-running ability has always been kind of on par with receivers because my father was a receiver so he taught me to run routes early."

It may never happen, but it's interesting food for thought.

Foster is currently undergoing rehab after groin surgery.

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