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Houston Texans

Breakfast: Behind the scenes at 'media' days


Are you ready for some football?

Well, it is only May 12th, but at least for two hours yesterday, we got to see the Texans fully dressed up and ready to rock.

To take some photos.

The Texans had 'media days' here at the stadium yesterday afternoon. What is that exactly?

If you have ever seen Sunday Night football or been to NRG Stadium to watch a game, you've pretty much been a part of this process. When Sunday Night Football first starts, the starters are introduced. They show the players headshot, and then the player says what school they come from. Remember that? All that work is done now, as several rooms in NRG are turned into makeshift television studios. Texans players, fully dressed (pads and all), come in, take photos and recite a few lines.

Lucky for you (and us), we were able to capture some of the activities that occurred during the event. As you can see in the pictures below, we were able to see several of the team's newest additions (Brock Osweiler, Lamar Miller, etc.) put on the Texans jersey for the first time.

The photo shoots continue today, so I'd encourage you to stay locked in to the Texans social media accounts so you can follow it as it happens. Most of the fun takes place on Snapchat, so be sure to follow us at 'texansofficial'.

The season can't come soon enough.

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