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Breakfast: Bianca Wilfork's Famous Bread Recipe


For the first time in its history, Breakfast With The Bulls is actually about...


With the season finale of HBO's "Hard Knocks" airing tonight, here is Bianca Wilfork's famous stuffed bread recipe as discussed on the show by husband Vince Wilfork to J.J. Watt. 

Bianca Wilfork's Croissant Bread

You'll need:


-10 Eggs
-1 package of bacon
-16 oz. sweet Italian sausage
-½ pound shaved honey maple ham (Bianca likes Boar's Head brand)
-American cheese
-Crescent dough sheets (Can be substituted for the triangle pull-apart croissants. Just pinch seams together to make a sheet)
-Garlic salt and pepper to taste
-Splash of milk (optional)

Preheat oven according to crescent dough package directions.

Cook bacon and place aside on paper towels. Chop into pieces after draining excess grease.

Empty remaining grease from pan but don't rinse bacon droppings.

Brown the sausage in the same pan. Place cooked sausage on paper towel to drain excess grease.

Chop ham into pieces and heat in pan.

In a separate bowl, combine the eggs, milk, garlic salt, black pepper.

Add chopped bacon, sausage, ham and mix well.

Coat pan with a non-stick agent. (Bianca prefers coconut oil).

While eggs are cooking, place the dough lengthwise on a cookie sheet or baking pan.

Turn heat off when the eggs are almost done. Don't overcook as the eggs will continue to cook once placed in the oven. Add cheese to pan and cover so cheese can melt.

Once the cheese has melted, spoon out the mixture into the center of your dough.

Cut ½-inch wide strips into the sides of the dough (the shorter sides of the rectangle), until you nearly reach the egg mixture. Leave about an inch gap around the egg mixture.


Take the strips and begin crisscrossing them over the egg mixture. Starting at one side, grab a strip and bring it over to the opposite side of your egg mixture. Fold over and tuck under the dough in order to keep the egg mixture inside. Repeat on the other side.

Alternate sides until all the strips are crossed over. It should look like this:


(Optional) Brush an egg wash on top of the dough to give it a crispy glaze prior to baking.

Place the baking sheet in the oven. Remove when dough is thoroughly cooked and crust is brown. Enjoy!


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