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Breakfast: Bill O'Brien BIG fan of Astros' Jose Altuve


Bill O'Brien is a big fan of Astros second baseman Jose Altuve.

"I think it would be great to coach Jose Altuve," O'Brien said recently on Texans Radio.

The head coach was asked about what Houston athlete, not on the Texans, he'd most like to coach. O'Brien, an Astros fan who's been to many of their games at Minute Maid Park, quickly singled out the All-Star and current American League batting average leader.

"When I go to those games, and watch that guy play, I think the guy's unbelievable," O'Brien said of

The Texans and Astros have a shared connection over the last few years.

Altuve, who's currently hitting .341. "When he hits the ball, this guy's probably hit about two or three home runs in the games I've been to. And he hustles. He steals. He plays great in the field."

Altuve's belted 14 homers in 2015, and is second in the AL in stolen bases with 23.

"It'd be pretty cool to coach that guy," O'Brien said. "It looks like he has a ball playing the game. It looks like he's got some thick skin, so you can razz him a little bit."

O'Brien compared Altuve to a player he coached during his time as an assistant with the New England Patriots.

"He reminds me of (Wes) Welker, playing baseball," O'Brien said.

Altuve will start at second base for the American League in tomorrow night's All Star game. 


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