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Breakfast: Bill O'Brien got some funny texts


Bill O'Brien is focused on tomorrow night's game with the Patriots.

"It's all about just doing the best job that we can to help our players go in there and play a good game," the head coach said on Monday evening during his weekly show on Texans Radio.

But the Massachusetts native acknowledged that some folks from back home reached out to him on Monday.

"I got a couple texts today from some good quote-un-quote great buddies of mine, high school buddies and stuff," O'Brien said. "'Oh yeah, we're rooting for you.' I texted them back 'Yeah right: you'll have your 87 Gronkowski jersey on there in section E. You'll be rooting for the Patriots. Don't give me that stuff.'"

O'Brien played college football at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. He also coached for five years as an assistant with the Patriots. His parents remain in Massachusetts, but he said he won't get much, if any, time with them.

"It's going to be a great experience for my family, but I probably won't even see them," O'Brien said.

Kickoff at Gillette Stadium is 7:26 pm CT on Thursday night.  

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