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Breakfast: Bill O'Brien shifts his methods


This spring has been different for Bill O'Brien.

The Texans head coach took over the offensive coordinator duties in January, and his workload has changed.

"I'm having a lot of fun," O'Brien said. "I'm loving coaching all these guys. I've been probably doing more coaching myself in the last four or five weeks than I've done in the three years that I've been here. I'm really involved with the offense and I'm having a lot of fun."

He and the assistants hit the field with the rookies over the weekend, and it was the first look at the newest

crop of Texans. He spent a lot of time with first-rounder Deshaun Watson, and O'Brien said he had to shake up the ways to teach the Texans' offense.

"I think that relative to this rookie camp right here, whether it's the quarterback who I'm spending a lot of time with or any other position, you have to figure out the ways that they learn, and I think that the majority of guys these days, they're visual learners," O'Brien said. So, if you think you're going to sit in a meeting room for four hours and they're going to pick up your offense, I think you're mistaken."

O'Brien said walk-throughs were a better alternative than the classroom.

"You have to be visual with a lot of these guys and I think that's a big way and that's something I've learned over the last four or five weeks that's really helped us," O'Brien said. "We're out there, we're doing it and you can see that in our camp."

The rookies will hit the field with the veterans in organized team activities (OTAs) on May 23 at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

Check out some of the best shots from rookie minicamp.

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