Breakfast: Brandon Brooks on new workout

Brandon Brooks has been working out and is definitely getting noticed these days.

"Brandon Brooks has come back in here in great shape," head coach Bill O'Brien said last week to season-ticket holders on his town hall conference call. "He's had a much better offseason this year than he did last year. He really understands the expectations. I saw him lifting the other day. His squat and his bench press. I mean this guy's a very powerful, strong person."

His secret?

The Texans starting right guard has been doing hot yoga as often as four times a week. Though it initially wasn't as easy as he thought it would be, he's picked it up and reaping the benefits.

"It really does a lot," Brooks said on Texans All Access last Tuesday. "Keeps me loose and, at the same time, one of the bigger reasons I did it was because we were going to practice outside in all the heat. Being inside, it's like 105-plus in the room. You're doing your Warrior 1, Upward and Downward Dog, all that type of stuff."

Last year, Brooks missed most of training camp with a back issue. He hopes yoga will aid in injury prevention, keeping his weight down, and increased flexibility, especially in his hips this year.

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