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Breakfast: Braxton Miller is "just a playmaker"


Don't pigeonhole Braxton Miller.

The Texans rookie has been projected by many to be a slot receiver.

That's a definite possibility.

But the former Ohio State Buckeye said he preferred to be called the "P" word.

"Playmaker," Miller said in a recent SiriusXM radio interview. "Just a playmaker. I'll play slot. Outside. Inside. Running back."

Miller added that he's ready t contribute however the Texans ask.

"Whatever's in the game plan," he said. "I'm capable of playing any position."

While his position coach Sean Ryan wasn't as expansive in describing Miller's role in the offense, the wide receivers coach did acknowledge the rookie pass-catcher is a dynamic addition to squad.

"I think Braxton is coming along great," Ryan said. "Another good inside and outside guy. Great skill set, change of direction, catching the ball well. I've been really happy with him."

In the radio interview with Tom Pelissero and Bill Polian, Miller was asked about his ability to deal with press coverage playing on the outside as a receiver. He said he's definitely made progress.

"I've adapted pretty well," Miller said. "That was one of the main things coming out. That's why I wanted to go to the Senior Bowl, basically. The whole time at the Senior Bowl, I was playing outside and I was going against the better DB's in the country. I had to come out there and really prepare myself to be ready for big competition and playing outside receiver. I adjusted really well. Right now I'm just out there having fun with it. I'm still learning the techniques and everything, but still being the playmaker and being myself."

Miller and the Texans are off until the final week of July, when they'll regroup for the start of training camp at the Houston Methodist Training Center.


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