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Breakfast: Brian Hoyer Checklist


After battling with Ryan Mallett through OTAs, minicamp, training camp and a pair of preseason games, he got the job.

When he was asked why he likes Hoyer, head coach Bill O'Brien quickly reeled off the list of reasons below.

  1. "I think he's a smart guy."
  1. "He's really got a really good work ethic."
  1. "He works extremely hard."
  1. "He wants to be good."
  1. "He has a passion for the game."
  1. "He's got a really good understanding of our system."
  1. "He's got a lot of energy, lot of bounce to his step."
  1. "He's good in the huddle."
  1. "He understands how to manage the game. We have to see that now, we have to see that on the field, but I believe that he does.
  1. "I just think that he's done a good job on a consistent basis throughout the time that he's been here."


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