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Breakfast: Brock Osweiler grateful for Manning




Brock Osweiler is his own man.

When you're 6-8, weigh 240 pounds, and can chuck a football a country mile, you don't have many peers. 

But the Texans quarterback certainly counted on Peyton Manning as a mentor.

"When you start talking about what I've learned from Peyton and what I've pulled from him, we would need hours to get to the full list," Osweiler said last Thursday of the future Hall of Famer.


The first four years of his career were in Denver, where Manning spent the final four years of his 18-season NFL career. In practices, games, the weight room, the quarterback room and elsewhere over that span, Osweiler had a birds-eye view of how one of the best went about his work.

"The thing I truly pulled away from Peyton is how to be a pro on a daily basis, how to be the same guy Monday through Sunday, whether it's April or whether it's November," Osweiler said. "I'll always be very appreciative for Peyton. Whether he knew it or not, I was watching him and he taught me how to be a pro."

Osweiler said in his introductory press conference that he'd already reached out to Pro Bowl wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and is figuring out a place to work out with him and throw passes. 

Osweiler, Hopkins and the Texans will get together for offseason conditioning work on April 18 at NRG Stadium.


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