Breakfast: Change is inevitable

The draft is two weeks away.

How well teams decide who will be part of their future will go a long way toward changing the history of the League.

But a bigger change in the course of NFL history could be decided in a month. Club owners will meet for the next wave of discussions on the great two point conversion/extra point debate.

By now you've heard the big idea floated out there that after touchdowns teams could elect to go for two at the one-and-a-half yard line or kick a 33-yard extra point.

The percentages would favor going for two more often than not and the results would certainly create more second guessing and odder looking scores (19-11 anyone?) than ever.

Sports radio and Twitter debates on these decisions, and the rule itself, would be explosive. The first time a team roars back from a late deficit and needs an extra point for a tie, only to see a kicker miss a PAT on a windy day will be a momentous occasion.

The two point conversion is 'only' 20 years old in the NFL. College football has had it since the 50s. The forward pass is over 100 years old but its introduction into the game was so controversial that President Theodore Roosevelt had to get involved.

Change is inevitable in all sports. The NBA didn't adopt the three point shot until 1979. It didn't hit the NCAA until 1986. Most of us can't imagine basketball without it.

So if NFL owners decide to make the change, embrace it. It'll grow on you.

The Houston Texans roster in photos.

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