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Breakfast: Do players watch the NFL Draft?


One of the biggest days of the offseason is the NFL Draft. Analysts, experts, fans, and anyone else who watches the sport will speculate on where the top prospects will go.

But how about the players who once went through the process? How closely do current Texans follow the draft?

It depends on whom you ask.

For former first-round pick J.J. Watt, his 2011 draft experience doesn't seem that long ago.

This year, he will be watching to see where his younger brother T.J. Watt lands. The two have been training this offseason together and Watt had high praise for the Wisconsin pass rusher.

"He's so similar to me but he's farther along than I was at that point in the process," Watt said last week. "He's a lot better player than I was at that time. He has a lot more to grow even than I had. I think he's a really special player and it's been a lot of fun to watch him go through the process."

DeAndre Hopkins, selected 27th overall in the 2013 NFL Draft, will be among the players not watching the draft. The Pro Bowler often leaned on veteran wide receiver Andre Johnson for advice on a number of topics. Keeping up with the NFL Draft was one of them.

"I asked Andre (Johnson) a while back if he follows the draft and he said no, so I don't follow the draft either," Hopkins said.

The 2017 NFL Draft takes place Thursday, April 27 through Saturday, April 29 in Philadelphia. The Texans currently hold the following picks (overall):

Round 1: 25th
Round 2: 57th
Round 3: 89th
Round 4: 130th and 142nd (compensatory pick from Cleveland Browns)
Round 5: 169th
Round 7: 243rd

Texans Radio will have live coverage of every pick in the 2017 NFL Draft on SportsRadio 610.

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