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Breakfast: Entering the Unknown




'The Unkown' has begun.

The Texans cleaned out their lockers yesterday morning.

Each and every one of them met with general manager Rick Smith: from those on the 53-man roster, to the practice squadders to the players on injured reserve.

After that, they met one last time as a team. 

And then they scattered.


We'll see many of them again at next year's locker room cleanout.

But many will be gone from Houston, or the NFL, for good.

The Texans last went through this exercise on Monday, December 29th of 2014, the day after they beat the Jaguars to finish Bill O'Brien's first season at 9-7. Seven players who started that game weren't around in 2015.

21 from last season's 53-man roster weren't here this year.

For some, yesterday was just a day to gather belongings, because they'll be around and with the team for the foreseeable future.

But for others, it was the end of the line as a Texan. Or as a football player.

We won't know for awhile, because we've entered 'The Unknown'.


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