Breakfast: From teammates to "brothers"


Kareem Jackson has played all but one NFL season with teammate and good friend Johnathan Joseph.

"At this point, we're like brothers," Jackson said Monday. "We've been together for a long time, going on six years now. Another month or so, he'll be at my wedding so our relationship has definitely grown over the years, both on and off the field. I've learned a lot from him. He's a great father, a great husband, you know, just those things you look for in a friendship. He's always there when you need him, not to mention a great football player so he kind of brings it all to the table."

Jackson's rookie season was admittedly tough as he made his adjustment to the NFL. From the day that Joseph arrived via free agency following the 2011 NFL lockout, Jackson has looked up to him as a mentor and the two have been a formidable duo.

"Six years, that doesn't happen too often with teams," Jackson said. "Two guys being able to stay together, especially at the cornerback position. Usually, either for a good reason or bad reason as far as whatever causes the split, but we've been able to stay here and I think we've been able to be consistent over these six years. We definitely take a lot of pride in that. As far as him teaching me the game and the in's and out's, it's been like that since day one that he came in. He definitely helped me elevate my game his first day here."

Since 2011, Jackson and Joseph have combined for 121 passes defensed and 22 interceptions, four of which have been returned for touchdowns. Since the duo took over the starting cornerback positions, Texans opponents have the lowest completions percentage in the NFL at 56.3 and the second-lowest net yards passing per game at 212.8.

CB Kareem Jackson's career with the Texans and Alabama Crimson Tide is profiled here in photos.

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