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Breakfast: Get to Know Deepi Sidhu


You hear their voices. You read their articles. You ask them questions.

They wear the Texans bullhead proudly on a daily basis, but don't sport pads on the job.

Who are they?

It's time to get behind the radio speakers and the computer screens, my friends.

It's time to get to know the Houston Texans talent.

Name: Deepi Sidhu
College: Purdue University for undergrad and University of Houston for an MBA
Title: Texans Insider/Lead Writer, Integrated Media Manager

1. How did you break into the sports industry?
I hosted a radio show for over 10 years on a non-profit station because it was my passion. I wrote sports blogs and articles (for free!) to build up my portfolio. Radio and writing came together when I got my big break working at SportsRadio 610.
2. What's your favorite Texans football moment?
I loved being at the inaugural game in 2002. It's very rare to see a first game in franchise history and have it be a win! That being said, being at the first playoff game in franchise history in 2011 was like nothing I'd ever seen. So basically, I'm still conflicted on my favorite moment!
3. If you played football, what position would you play, and why?
Yikes. Who would want to see that? I'll go safety. I'm tall, I think I'm a pretty good trash talker and I like fashion. I think I'd fit in well with DBs.
4. Favorite Texan of all time?
Andre Johnson.
5. What's one thing you want Texans fans to know about you?
I was born in Indianapolis and have lived exactly half my life there and half in Houston. I totally consider myself a Houstonian now. I love all that this city has to offer: the diversity, amazing restaurants and shopping, great winters, etc. I don't think I could ever live in a cold climate or a place without Tex-Mex ever again!

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