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Breakfast: Get to Know Drew Dougherty


You hear their voices. You read their articles. You ask them questions.

They wear the Texans bullhead proudly on a daily basis, but don't sport pads on the job.

Who are they?

It's time to get behind the radio speakers and the computer screens, my friends.

It's time to get to know the Houston Texans talent.

Name: Drew Dougherty
College: Southern Methodist University
Title: Texans TV Host, Senior Integrated Media Manager

1. How did you break into the sports industry?
I wrote for the neighborhood paper and I covered all of the SMU sports plus on Friday nights I would go cover high school games. I would cover a game for the Park City's People, but I would compile stats, then I'd call into the Dallas Morning News and I would give them a little three-paragraph rundown. So, I did that for my Junior and Senior year, but then I went and started working for a bank right out of college because I thought there was no way I could work in sports, I thought it wasn't practical.

But then I daydreamed for about four months and a lady I had written with at the school paper called and said, 'hey, I'm moving to Seattle and getting married.  Do you want to interview for my job?' It was the producer position at TXCN, Texas Cable News, which doesn't exist anymore. I pounced on it like a fumble, got the job and I've been in sports ever since. That was in 2000.

2. Was there any point in time you realized sports is what you really wanted to do?
Once I saw the job description and realized that's where I was. It was a management training program and I had no interest in it. When that job became available I thought, 'Yeah, that's what I want to do'.

3. What is your favorite Texans football moment?
As the players were coming off the field in 2011 in Cincinnati, after they clinched. It was fun hearing the coaches and the players, seeing them come off the field and into the locker room, because it's stuff that not everybody sees, hearing the jubilation and hearing the different remarks. The only time they led in that game, they led in the final two seconds. They were behind the rest of the way. That was one and then the other was just the build-up to the Christmas Eve game this year was a lot of fun. It was a beautiful day, it felt like there was a different buzz out in the parking lot and we went out and won in dramatic fashion.

4. If you played football, what position would you play and why?
I would probably play quarterback because I like the control freak aspect of things.

5. Who is your favorite Texans player and why?
Shaun Cody because the guy is really funny, he did 'On The Nose With Shaun Cody' with us and he's willing to be funny and take risks with self-image and stuff like that. That was pretty fun.

6. What's one thing you want Texans fans to know about you?
From 1997-1999, I was the American Thai Switchblade Fighting Champion. I was undefeated in 42 matches.

Want to know more? Follow Drew on Twitter here, read his articles here and watch his videos here.

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