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Breakfast: GM Brian Gaine reveals part of plan


Brian Gaine wants to get quality players and keep them in house.

The Texans general manager met with the media on Friday and answered a range of questions. In the process, he revealed a bit more of his plans in improving the roster, which he's often said would be done by "every avenue" possible.

"If we can draft, develop, groom and extend our own, that will be the first thing I'll always try to do in terms of philosophy and how we want to build a team, career-wise and longevity-wise," Gaine said.

Gaine and the Texans were aggressive in free agency, adding four new offensive linemen, a pair of cornerbacks, and 2015 All-Pro safety Tyrann Mathieu to the squad.

With the 2018 NFL Draft starting this Thursday, and the Texans owning a trio of third round selections, Gaine is confident Houston will add contributors in 2018 and beyond. Gaine explained what he and head coach Bill O'Brien need to do with those players after they've been added to the squad.

"How can we maximize this player's skillset in a one- to three-year window so they can be exactly who we think they're going to become," Gaine said. "Although they're 'this' today, we see this career arc where they can be year two, year three, year four down the line. In our program, we put a large premium on player development, teaching technique, teaching them football and obviously body types, sports performance – we try to maximize what they can be from a physical standpoint."

Gaine and the Texans own the following picks in the 2018 NFL Draft:

3rd Round (68th overall)
3rd Round (80th overall, from Seattle)
3rd Round (98th overall, compensatory)
4th Round (103rd overall)
6th Round (177th overall)
6th Round (211th overall, compensatory)
6th Round (214th overall, compensatory)
7th Round(222nd overall)

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