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Breakfast: J.J. Watt wins odd competition


J.J. Watt's not just good at footall.

He's also a winner at 'Egg Russian Roulette'.

The 3-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year was a guest Friday on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. He was interviewed by the late night host for a segment, and competed with Fallon in another. 

The two squared off in a game of 'Egg Russian Roulette'. They were presented with a carton of 12 eggs. Eight were hard boiled and four were raw. The first person to crack two raw eggs would lose, and Fallon fell.

Before that, Watt shared that he listens to pop singer Adele to calm himself down before Texans games. He also chit-chatted with 'Big Bang Theory' actor, and Texans fan, Jim Parsons.

Watt was in New York City last week promoting the release of a new shoe by Reebok. Fallon and Parsons each received a pair from Watt.

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