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Breakfast: J-Jo reminds Romeo Crennel of...


Johnathan Joseph has played at a high level in the NFL for a decade.

In his 35 years of coaching, defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel has seen and worked with his share of All-Pro players.

Last week, I asked Crennel if any of his former players remind him of Joseph.

"Different body type, body types are different, but Ty Law played a long time in New England," Crennel said. "They have the same number."

Law, a five-time Pro Bowl defensive back Ty Law, played a decade of football with the Patriots from 1995-2004 before finishing his last five NFL seasons with the Jets, Chiefs, and Broncos.

Vince Wilfork has played with both Law and Joseph. When I pointed out the comparison to him, Wilfork nodded and agreed wholeheartedly. He sees the similarities. Wilfork said he never worried about Law on an island by himself, and he doesn't worry about Joseph either.

"To me, Ty was the man," Wilfork said. "The way he sees stuff, the way he studied, the way he prepared, the way he knew his opponent. It's the same thing that J-Jo does. And now that he (Crennel) put it in my head, I can see why he'd say that. It's just how they carry themselves on the field, in the locker room. Everybody liked Ty Law, everybody likes J-Jo."

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