Breakfast: Jones, Bullock bring joy to Texas Children's Hospital


For center Ben Jones and kicker Randy Bullock, Tuesday morning wasn't spent on the practice field.

Instead, it was spent with glitter. And paper football. And most importantly, with kids who could use a smile and a laugh.

The duo, along with TORO and Texans cheerleaders, spent time on their off day at Texas Children's Hospital visiting with children battling cancer and their families. Kids were eager to have their photos taken and their souvenirs signed as Jones and Bullock made their way to each child, bringing smiles and laughter with each stop.

"It's a lot of fun putting smiles on these kids' faces," Bullock said. "It just put things in perspective."

The cheerleaders sported gold pom-poms in recognition of the symbolic color for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and in honor of the 600 new patients diagnosed with cancer each year at Texas Children's Cancer Center.

In-between photos and autographs the Texans put their arts and crafts skills to the test, as Jones colored himself in glitter while attempting to create a gold cancer ribbon.

"I did a little glittering, did a little coloring," Jones said. "I'm not too good. But anything we can do to help out, it's always great."

Jones and Bullock then made their way to another station, where they helped children fold Texans paper to create and flick paper footballs through some goal posts.

It was an hour full of joy and happiness for children much in need of it. There was humor, too.

As Jones finished taking his last photo and signing his last autograph, he received one last request from a young Texans fan.

"Tell J.J. I said hi."

Texans players attended several community events around Houston on Tuesday.

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