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Breakfast: Kids Triathlon train with Olympian


"Raise your hand if you know which Olympics hosted the first Triathlon!"

The 4-time Olympic Triathlete and 7-time US Elite National Champion, Hunter Kemper shared a huge smile along with his inspirational triathlete story to a handful of kids ranging between 6 to 15 years old.

"Beijing?" a few kids quickly answered.

"Right, Australia!" laughed Kemper.

On Wednesday, The Houston Texans, alongside Texas Children's Hospital, hosted a Play 60 Houston Texans Kids Triathlon transition clinic with Kemper at Memorial Park.

"There's three events and four different disciplines," Kemper said. "We always swim first, bike second and then run last. The fourth entity to the Triathlon, which we did [yesterday] at the clinic was transitions."

A transition is the time spend switching from one sport of the triathlon to the other, a key aspect to a triathlete's success.

Though these kids were preparing for the Houston Texans Kids Triathlon presented by Texas Children's Hospital, the over-arching importance of health and good habits were the main lessons.

"It's really just setting healthy habits early on in life," said Texas Children's Hospital's marketing specialist, Sarah Bardwell. "A body in motion stays in motion, so if you set good habits as a child, you'll continue those habits into adulthood."

"Teaching these kids of good habits of being outside, being active, being healthy and eating the proper foods goes a long way," Kemper said. "But the number one thing it actually does it boost the kids' self-esteem… They get to accomplish something very, very important and cool."

The Houston Texans Kids Triathlon will take place on Saturday, May 20 and Sunday, May 21. It is expected to be the largest kids' triathlon for the fourth year in a row with more than 3,000 triathletes. To register, click here.

"Any kid can be a triathlete," Kemper said. "If you can ride your bike, if you can run around outside and you can swim in a pool, you can be a triathlete."

The Houston Texans and Texas Children's Hospital teamed up with Olympian Hunter Kemper to host a special Play 60 for kids to train for the Houston Texans Kids Triathlon.

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