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Breakfast: Latest from O'Brien, rule changes


NFL head coaches will meet with media this week at the Annual League Meetings in Phoenix.

Bill O'Brien and the AFC head coaches are set to participate in a media breakfast on Tuesday. During this year's meetings, a total of 15 rule proposals are under consideration.

Some of the major rules changes include:
-Incorporating centralized replay and eliminating the sideline replay monitor for officials.
-Eliminating leaping attempts to block field goal and extra points.
-Reducing overtime to ten minutes in preseason and regular season.
-Extending defenseless receiver protection to include route running.

Last year, the owners approved two proposals on a one-year trial basis. The first was to place the football at the 25-yard line on the next snap after a touchback resulting from kickoff. The second was a measure to eject any player flagged twice for unsportsmanlike conduct. Both of those temporary rule changes are also up for reconsideration this week.

On Monday, NFL owners approved the Raiders' proposal to move to Las Vegas. The 2017 League Meetings take place from Sunday through Wednesday.

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