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Breakfast: Likes 'N Stuff


What's not to like about social media, right?

Love it or hate it, social media is a great way to keep up in a fast-paced world and is a window into people's lives.

In the offseason, players have left the stadium but still keep in touch with updates on travel plans, workouts, rehab, and even just their normal routines.

So, this week we rolled out "Likes 'N Stuff," a new segment for Texans TV and It's a weekly wrap-up of the best in social media from players. From J.J. Watt's snapchat to DeAndre Hopkins fashion and everything in between, "Likes 'N Stuff" collects some of our favorite social media posts of the week.

You can watch our first installment by clicking the video above. It's only a few minutes so it's still impossible to fit every single thing we liked on social media. In fact, here's some of our runner-ups from the week:

So, if you see something funny/different/cool from that's Texans-related on social media, tag it with a #LikesNStuff. Maybe you'll see it next week on our segment.

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