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Breakfast: Looking back at a 'lights out' introduction



I know, I know, we are on to Indianapolis.

That said, for those of you that weren't in the building on Sunday night, you missed a unique and memorable experience that took place at NRG Stadium. 10 minutes before kickoff, NRG went 'dark'. The stage was set for a one of a kind introduction for the Texans defense. The roof's lights were shut off, and the only visible light at that moment was from the scoreboard and the player's entrance tunnel.

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I had the privilege of being on the field during that time period, and the electricity in the building was comparable to any (of the many) of the big sporting events I've been to throughout my career. The crowd was juiced, and the ovations only got louder as each Texans defender took to the field.

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I haven't seen the television broadcast, but I can't imagine even if they did show part of the introductions on NBC that it gave the scene the justice. So, with this post, I hope to do so for you.

There were many people that worked hard in a short time period to make this happen. It was a true collaborative effort with all parts of the building (business and football ops) coming together. Often times it takes months of planning for each game's entertainment, but this was all thrown together in the span of two weeks. In effect, it was a high wire act that went off without a hitch.

Kudos to all the people that had a hand in seeing this come to fruition. For those of you that were there to witness it, I hope it was an experience you'll always remember. For those that weren't, here's hoping a picture (and some video) is worth a thousand words.

Check out some of the best pregame shots from Sunday night's game against the Patriots.

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