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Breakfast: Looking back at #TexansHouse

The old saying is "time flies when you are having fun". It is hard to believe that Super Bowl LI is nearly a week behind us, having come and gone from the city of Houston in the blink of an eye.

This time last week, we as an organization were officially opening the 'Texans House', a team-themed restaurant right in the heart of Super Bowl Live. The Texans essentially took over 'The Grove', transforming the area into a team-branded venue, where we were able to entertain and tell the organization's story as the 'host' team for the Super Bowl.

From a content perspective, we were able to pull together people from different worlds to create some unique videos over the course of the weekend. We had George Springer play Jadeveon Clowney in pool (video above), Vince Wilfork making guacamole (for the first time) and much, much more.

Take a look at the videos you may have missed from Texans House below.

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