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Breakfast: NFL Films recaps 2015 Texans season


TexansCamp is just over a week away.

Ready for some football?

As you wait out these final days before the official start of the Houston Texans 2016 season, what better way to kill time that to re-live 2015?

NFL Films, which produces some of the best video and television content in all of sports, put together a yearly special on the Texans. The video, titled 'Never Give Up', gives a behind the scenes look at Coach Bill O'Brien and the organization's march to an AFC South Division Championship.

All in all, the special is 22 minutes long, and is broken up into four parts below. Brian Cushing, J.J. Watt and several other players were mic'd up during parts of the year, so there is some fantastic footage of Texans players as they go through the roller coaster of the season.

So, kick back and enjoy the show, and remember that real football is right around the corner.

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