Breakfast: No offseason for Texans media

Every once in a while I write a 'Breakfast with the Bulls' piece on all the media content we're cranking out at, Texans Radio and Texans TV.

It's that time once again.

During the season, we had nine (9!!!) television shows per week on your team. Fox Sports Southwest produced five of them as we shared some content with Patti Smith and company. And KTRK and KPRC each did a show (Inside the Game and Texans GameDay respectively). And we self-produced the brand new Texans Late Night and Texans Extra Points on ABC 13.

Now we're in the off season and things have 'lightened up' to one TV show per week. It's a new one called Texans 360 on Saturday nights at 11pm on ABC 13. We've already done two shows from Arizona for the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl as well as featuring some of our best video work from the last few months.

This week, we have an exclusive interview with Romeo Crennel (great to have a man named Romeo on Valentine's Day). We'll also feature some current and former Texans, including Brooks Reed and Chester Pitts at a benefit fashion show at Tootsies.

The Romeo Crennel interview is special. You'll be seeing virtually all the Texans assistant coaches this off season through Texans TV.

Texans 360 will continue every week through training camp when Texans Late Night starts up again. And our Fox Sports Southwest programming starts back up in April along with four specials we'll be putting together on ABC 13.

All this is happening along with Texans All Access on Sports Radio 610 and Tuesdays 12-2pm and Thursdays at 6pm. Texans 24 (that's 24 hour web radio) is always running at This programming is just the tip of the iceberg of the truck loads of content you get right here on (we'll have a quiz on all this later).

So, as we often like to say, there is no off season. Be sure to follow us on all our media from the scouting combine next week.

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